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Robin Scott MP entered the Victorian Parliament in 2006 as the Member for Preston, where he lives with his wife Shaojie.
Robin, son of Don and Amanda, grew up in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs and was greatly influenced by his parents’ commitment to public service. With family members from China, Japan and the West Indies, he also grew up with a strong belief in equality of opportunity, regardless of cultural background.


These values inspired Robin to become involved in politics and he is honoured to serve the people of Victoria as the Minister for Multicultural Affairs.


In taking on this important role, Robin believes it is important for Victoria to celebrate the best traditions of multiculturalism in our State. He also sees it as an opportunity to support activities that create greater interfaith and intercultural understanding.


Robin wants Victoria to be a place where diversity is not just tolerated, but a community where we celebrate the common humanity of all cultures.


Events Calendar

  • 23 Feb

    X Borders Exhibition

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  • 25 Feb

    Pako Festa

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  • 25 Feb

    Maslenitsa - Slavic Pancake Festival

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  • 26 Feb

    Karen Feldman in concert with Adam Starr and Band

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