What is the program?

The Community Infrastructure and Cultural Precincts Program (CICP) Program offers grants to help maintain existing community infrastructure, build new community infrastructure, or enhance cultural precincts for culturally diverse communities. The CICP Program consolidates the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s (VMC) former Building and Facilities Improvement Grants and OMAC’s former Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • promote greater use of community facilities by Victoria’s culturally diverse communities; increasing their participation in activities and enhancing access to services; and
  • enable Victoria’s cultural precincts to remain sustainable and attractive for cultural and tourism activities.

What funding is available?

Two streams of funding are available:

  • Small Grants - $500-$100,000, for minor works and upgrades to community facilities, and
  • Large Grants - $100,001-$750,000, for major upgrades and construction of new infrastructure and cultural precincts.

Who is eligible to apply?

For more information about the program and eligibility requirements please ensure you read the program guidelines  prior to submitting your application.

Applicants who have overdue accountability reports for previous grants funded through the VMC and/or OMAC are not eligible to receive funding. To check if you are up to date with accountability reports, please email  community.grants@dpc.vic.gov.au.

How do I apply?

Expressions of Interest have now closed. Organisations who have progressed to the second stage of applications were contacted in late October 2016.


Further information

For more information contact community.grants@dpc.vic.gov.au  or call 1300 366 356.