Community Grants Program

1. What is the purpose of your grant program?

The grant program provides support to Victoria's culturally and linguistically diverse communities, especially new and emerging communities, to develop and sustain local community organisations and programs, to promote social, cultural and economic inclusion and encourage greater community participation, understanding and mutual respect.

All programs and publications funded by the VMC must be undertaken in a manner consistent with the principles contained in the Multicultural Victoria Act 2011 and the following objectives:
  • encouraging cross-cultural exchange;
  • strengthening community capacity;
  • addressing the needs of ethnic communities;
  • combating disadvantage
  • promoting community cohesion and harmony, and
  • inclusive to all the community and demonstrate the value of Victoria's rich multicultural heritage.

When the grants round is open, applications are made online. Information about this process will be provided here.

Applicants who experience difficulties accessing the internet can call 1300 366 356 and a hard copy application will be supplied.

  • Please mail to:
    Community Grants Program
    GPO Box 4698,
    Melbourne Vic 3000

2. What type of projects will be considered for funding?

Examples of the types of projects/activities that will be considered for funding include:

Category Examples of project/activities
Organisational Support
  • Running costs for multicultural clubs including rental, utilities, stationery, postage, liability insurance.
  • Social and cultural gatherings
  • Discussion groups and seminar series
  • Printing and disseminating of a clubs newsletter
Senior Citizens Multicultural Organisational Support
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse Senior Citizens club
  • Running costs for multicultural clubs including rental, utilities, stationery, postage
  • Social and cultural gatherings
  • Discussion groups and seminar series
  • Printing and disseminating of a clubs newsletter
Strengthening Multicultural Communities
  • Activities that increase capacity within emerging communities and multicultural networks to self-manage and engage in community life
  • Provision of assistance to migrant and refugee women and/or young people
  • Local heritage projects that acknowledge and document the contribution of migrants and refugees in Victoria
  • Partnership projects between organisations, communities and government agencies that address community needs
  • Activities that address disadvantages and/or provide supporting information and services.
Building and Facilities Improvement
  • Projects to improve disability access to buildings
  • Repair to building infrastructure such as roofing or flooring
  • Kitchen renovations to improve health and safety standards
  • Projects that address safety or risk management issues
  • Activities that provide assistance to senior citizens
  • Projects that clearly demonstrate community benefit and improved usability of facilities.
  • Activities that support the facilities use by more than one community group.
Education Programs New and existing community languages schools subcategory:
  • Payment of teacher salaries
  • Purchase of language training materials (books, computer software, audiotapes, videotapes)
  • Hire or purchase of equipment to support the language teaching program (eg audio visual, computer and reprographic equipment)
  • Costs associated with the provision of accommodation for classes (eg heating, lighting, cleaning and rental of premises)
Professional development of teachers subcategory:
  • the cost of speakers, materials, hire of venue and equipment
Materials Development:
  • payment of teachers and university personnel involved in content development and design
  • purchase of stationery, computer supplies etc as required for the project
  • payment for graphic design and reproduction
Promoting Multicultural and Multifaith Harmony
  • Partnership projects that promote interfaith dialogue and community harmony.
  • Projects that develop the capacity of formalised interfaith networks (existing or proposed) to promote interfaith dialogue and community harmony.

3. What will not be considered for funding?

The VMC will not fund the following:
  • applications submitted by individuals
  • competitions, political, commercial or fund raising activities
  • events/programs held outside Victoria
  • funding for overseas artists to visit Victoria
  • funding for transport to interstate conferences or events
  • organisations that receive income from electronic gaming machines
  • organisations that have failed to abide by the terms and conditions of previously provided grants funded by the VMC
  • organisations seeking retrospective funding for projects that have already started or have been completed.

4. Who can apply?

Any Victorian community organisation, school or council may apply, provided that:
  • Projects and programs are funded for the benefit of Victorians, and serve the needs of ethnic communities and applicants are based in Victoria.
  • The applicant is a legal entity, such as an incorporated body, co-operative or association.
  • The recipient has an Australian Business Number (ABN). Grants to organisations not registered for GST may be made on a GST exclusive basis.
  • The applicant organisations are non-profit and non-political.
  • The organisations take out public liability or other insurance to cover loss or injury occurring to any person participating in the program.

5. Anticipated timeline and assessment process

For timelines and open grant rounds go to

6. Contact details for program manager(s)

Contact Phone No
Debbie Darnell       9651 0641       

7. Additional Questions

Q. Does my group have to be incorporated and have an ABN?
A. Yes, as we cannot process your grant without these requirements.

For more information about OMAC visit the Department of Premier and Cabinet website or call 9651 1101.

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