Victorian Refugee Recognition Record

The Victorian Refugee Recognition Record will not run in 2015. Please consider nominating for the Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2015 instead. Nominations for the Awards program will be opening soon, and you can find more information here.

The Victorian Refugee Record (VRRR) is an awards program which recognises individuals of a refugee background for their outstanding work in the community. The VRRR was established in 2004, and is organised by the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC). The VRRR also marks and celebrates Refugee Week – Australia’s peak annual activity to inform the public on refugee issues and to celebrate the positive contributions made by people of refugee background to Australian society.

The VRRR is open to any individual who is a refugee, former refugee, or humanitarian entrant, who is now a resident of Victoria.

Previous VRRR inductees have represented many different cultures and age groups, and work in many different fields. All have been selected for the significant contribution they have made towards fostering community harmony. Many inductees dedicate time to voluntary work, either within their own local community, or the community at large. A lot of them have taken on leadership roles within their communities, and provide support to others who are marginalised or disadvantaged. All of them hold a common commitment to bettering the lives of themselves and those around them, often despite having suffered extreme hardship and trauma.

Victorian Refugee Recognition Record 2013

The 2013 Victorian Refugee Recognition Record inductees are:

  • Abuk Bol
  • Aliye Geleto Anota
  • Andrew Kalon
  • Augustino Moedu
  • Belthrand Habiyakare
  • Daniel  Zewdu
  • Emmanuel Nagahesi
  • G Storm and Fablice A.K.A hip hop duo FlyBz
  • Hser Wah Pokyaut
  • Jouana Assadi
  • Kabir Mohammad
  • Kaw Doh Htoo
  • Khem Prasad Khanal
  • Lensa Dinka
  • Meca Ho
  • Monga Mukasa
  • Moo Tha
  • Saveuy Mangala
  • Taqi Khan
  • Tehiya Umer
  • Tereza  Gum
  • Thamaypaw Naysay
  • Yasmin Hassen


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