Understanding Social Cohesion in Shepparton and Mildura


Social Cohesion underpins the success of Victoria’s diverse multicultural society and provides significant economic and social benefits for Victorians.

In March 2015, The VMC contracted La Trobe University to undertake a research project into Understanding Social Cohesion in Shepparton and Mildura.

The objective of the research, is to identify the key success factors in Shepparton’s and Mildura’s experience of integrating their multicultural populations.

The research will identify what is working, what individuals, community based organisations, local government, policy makers, and businesses are doing well and the key points of stress in Shepparton’s and Mildura’s communities


The research will also examine whether some of the successes of Shepparton and Mildura might help governments and other organisations to improve their multicultural and social cohesion programs in other Victorian rural, peri-urban or urban areas.

The research includes informal discussions and recorded interviews with key local community leaders, organisations, and service providers.

This research is expected to be completed in October 2015.

A literature review for this research was prepared in May 2015 and is available in the resources section below.


Understanding Social Cohesion in Shepparton and Mildura: Literature Review



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