Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund

The Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund (MCIF) is a new program that offers grants to culturally diverse communities across Victoria to support the building, upgrading and fitout of community infrastructure.

Multicultural Festival and Events Program

The Multicultural Festivals and Events (MFE) Program encourages participation of the whole Victorian community in festivals and events to celebrate and embrace our vibrant multicultural diversity.

Multicultural Sports Fund Program

The Multicultural Sports Fund Grants Program is a strategic partnership program aimed at increasing access and participation in sport for culturally diverse communities.

Community Harmony Program

The Community Harmony Program is designed to enable Victorians to build social cohesion and community harmony through preventative initiatives that address the root causes of social disharmony and racial, ethnic and relgious intolerance.

Capacity Building and Participation Program

The Capacity Building and Participation Program is designed to build the knowledge and skills of multicultural communities across Victoria to fully participate and contribute to everyday life in Victoria.

An accountability report must be completed once the awarded funding has been spent. It includes details of what items or services were purchased with the funds, and the events or programs it supported. 

It is the organisation's responsibility to submit their reports on time. 

Please see your signed Common Funding Agreement for your payment schedules and acquittal dates.

Click on the link below to download a template in Word format.

Attach these forms and send them to

The following accountability reports are now overdue:


Funding year

Due Date

All former VMC Programs


30 June 2015

Multicultural Festivals and Events, Round 1


30 June 2016

Multicultural Festivals and Events, Round 2


31 July 2016

Organisational Support - Year One


31 August 2016

Organisational Support - Year Two

2016-17 1 November 2016

Strengthening Multicultural Communities


31 August 2016

Interfaith and Multifaith


30 June 2016

Community Languages Schools


31 August 2016

Building and Facilities


31 August 2016

Senior Citizen Organisational Support 2016-2019


31 January 2017
31 January 2018

Multicultural Festivals and Events

2016-17 1 July 2017

Multicultural Festivals and Events

2017-18 1 July 2018

Project Variation Form

If you would like to request a variation from the conditions in  your signed funding agreement please click on the link below to download a template in Word format.

Please Note: Access to SmartyGrants for online submission of accountability reports has closed. We are currently working towards making accountability reports available on the Grants Online website, a link will be published in due course.