All available funding under the 2018-19 MCIF has been committed.

Expressions of Interest and applications for the MCIF are now closed.

What is the MCIF?

The Multicultural Community Infrastructure Fund (MCIF) offers grants to culturally diverse communities across Victoria to support the building, upgrading and fitout of community infrastructure.

The objectives of the MCIF are to support Victoria’s culturally diverse communities to feel connected with their traditional culture and identity as they participate in and contribute to our wider society. The MCIF seeks to achieve this by supporting the delivery of new facilities or spaces for culturally diverse communities and increasing the safety, accessibility and condition of existing services.

MCIF is underpinned by Victoria’s Multicultural Policy Statement and seeks to ensure that every Victorian has the opportunity to thrive in a peaceful and prosperous society with a shared sense of belonging, respect, acceptance and contribution.

There are two streams of funding available:

Small Grants

Requests between $500 - $100,000 will be considered for minor fitouts or upgrades to existing community facilities.

Large Grants

Requests between $100,001 - $750,000 will be considered for major upgrades of existing facilities or towards the construction of new facilities.

Program guidelines

Find out more about eligibility requirements in the program guidelines.

The Unity Through Partnerships (UTP) Grants Program is funded through the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship (OMAC).

The UTP Grants Program aims to bring together two or more of Victoria’s diverse ethnic, cultural and religious communities to undertake a joint project, culminating in a public festival, event, or gathering that:

  • fosters cross-cultural connections by encouraging community organisations from different cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds to work in partnership on a joint project;
  • showcases the vibrancy of multiculturalism through festivals and/or events that encourage the participation of the whole community;
  • demonstrates the benefits of cultural, linguistic and religious diversity to the broader Victorian community;
  • builds the capacity and experience of participating community organisations through mutual support, skills development, knowledge sharing and mentoring between partnering organisations;
  • develops sustainable relationships between partner organisations with a view to maintaining partnerships after the completion of the project;
  • provides opportunities for meaningful and sustainable participation and engagement of a wide range of Victorians, with emphasis on new and emerging communities or groups currently under-represented in community activities; and
  • promotes education and awareness of racial and religious diversity and acceptance in Victoria.

Priority is given to projects demonstrating:

  • opportunities for community organisations that are less experienced in project and event management to be mentored by community organisations that are experienced in these areas;
  • opportunities for the partnering organisations to build their understanding of each other’s communities throughout the project period; and
  • willingness of partnering organisations to maintain sustainable relationships after the project and funding period concludes and to organise with other organisations to promote intercultural understanding in the future.

What funding is available?

The total annual budget of the UTP Grants Program is $1.1 million.  Organisations may make applications for up to $100,000. In previous rounds, grants have ranged between $5,000 and $100,000, with an average grant size of approximately $30,000.

What is the application process?

The UTP Grants Program 2014 round closed on 28 February 2014. This round will fund festivals and events occurring between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015. Applicants will receive written notification advising the outcome of their grant application in June 2014.

For more information

Read the UTP Grants Program Guidelines or contact the Unity Through Partnerships Grants Team on (03) 9651 2931.











The Victorian Government aims to promote the social, cultural and economic benefits of cultural diversity to all Victorians.  The Multicultural Festival and Events Grants are designed to encourage the participation of the whole community in celebrating and valuing cultural diversity.

The grants are awarded to encourage cross cultural awareness as well as foster intercultural relationships, community contributions, mutual respect, understanding and community unity.

If you require further information on the program, contact the community grants team on 03 9651 0653.

Click here for information on current grants rounds and general eligibility criteria.


Grants of up to $20,000 (ex. GST) are available for projects that address the unmet needs of Victoria’s 
culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Examples of Projects funded:

  • Activities that increase capacity within emerging communities and multicultural networks to 
    self-manage and engage in community life
  • Provision of assistance to migrant and refugee women and/or young people
  • Heritage projects documenting the contribution of migrants and refugees in Victoria
  • Activities addressing disadvantages and/or provide information and service

Click here for information on current grants rounds and general eligibility criteria.

Provides funding support to community languages schools within Victoria. There are three subcategories available:

  • Professional Development of Teachers – Grants of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) are available to support Victoria’s ethnic schools to provide school-based professional development programs for their teachers.
  • Materials Development – Grants of up to $5,000 (ex. GST) to support groups of community language schools develop language specific teaching and learning materials.
  • Support for new and existing community language schools – Grants of up to $5,000 (ex. GST) are available to community language schools, NOT funded under the Department of Education and Training's Community Languages Schools Program, to assist with establishment and operating costs.

Click here for information on current grants rounds and general eligibility criteria.