Multilingual health resources online - 10 May 2016

THE Health Translations Directory is an online portal which provides free access to more than 11,000 translated health resources in over 90 different languages.

A Victorian Government initiative, the purpose of the directory is to help improve the health of culturally and linguistically diverse community members by offering a quality resource of translated health information.

Users of the portal can search by keyword, language or topic. Topics include alcohol, cancer, disabilities, GLBTI, mental health, women’s health, first aid and pregnancy and post-natal care. Languages include Dinka, Dari, Hmong, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Yiddish and Maltese.

With thousands of multilingual resources, the service works by linking to online health resources from government departments, peak health bodies, hospitals, hospitals, community health centres.

Health practitioners and organisations who work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities can use the site to find reliable, translated health information, including a tool to help identify what language your client speaks.

Register your multilingual health resource or offer feedback on the services at the Health Translations Directory website