Health education sessions for culturally diverse carers - 12 May

The Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) is running a new project to support working carers from Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Serbian, Indian and Karen backgrounds.

The Centre will conduct in-language health education sessions with highly trained bilingual health educators to assist immigrant and refugee carers. The project aims to help carers who experience language barriers, culturally inappropriate service provision, social and family isolation and lack of knowledge about the health system.

Using a successful peer education model, the sessions will draw on stories, case studies and personal experiences to empower carers to care for themselves. The sessions are based on MCWH's consultations with immigrant and refugee working carers, with tailored the content to suit the expectations, needs and background of participants.

The sessions provide a safe space for carers to:

  • Learn about the effects of carrying out multiple roles
  • Explore strategies for dealing with challenges
  • Explore avenues for help
  • Share their stories and experiences of being carers or working carers

‘Dealing with it myself’ is the first project of its kind to explore the experiences of immigrant and refugee working carers. 

For more information or to organise a session, contact Rosi Aryal, Project Officer at MCWH on (03) 94180919 or

Draft African Communities Action Plan

The Victorian Government has asked the African Ministerial Working Group (AMWG) to lead the development of an African Communities Action Plan. 

A draft version of the Action Plan has been released for public consultation.

Help shape the final plan by providing your feedback on the draft by 15 December 2017.

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