SBS calls for one-Hour documentaries exploring multicultural Australia

SBS is seeking proposals for one-hour documentaries exploring multicultural Australia.

The four winners will air next year, forming season two of the SBS series Untold Australia.

Season one's highlights included a foray into the Australian-Indian community (Indian Wedding Race), an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in the heart of Melbourne (Strictly Jewish), and to Norfolk Island to explore its changing relationship with Australia (A Modern Mutiny).

SBS’s Head of Documentaries Joseph Maxwell said Untold Australia was well received.

'The first season was very well received by audiences who had the opportunity to explore and engage with unexpected parts of Australian culture,' said Mr Maxwell.

'This is an important season for SBS and reaffirms our commitment to single documentaries.' he said.

SBS is encouraging proposals which are celebratory as well as issues-based.

Creators of the show say they are looking for observational documentaries led by strong and engaging characters.

Proposals should be three to five pages in length and must have accompanying pitch reels (2-5 minutes) including a short statement about the online potential of the idea.

The deadline for proposals is 22 August 2016, with four winners to be chosen by 5 September 2016.

For more information contact Leigh Humberdross at SBS Documentaries via email at