VMC Commissioner attends unique Carnatic music festival

Victorian Multicultural Commissioner Chidambaram Srinivasan recently attended a festival which brings together lovers of a unique and ancient genre of Indian classical music – Carnatic.

The Melbourne Trinity Festival, now in its its 30th successive year, celebrated the music and contribution of the esteemed Carnatic music composer Sri Tyagaraja and fellow Carnatic composers Sri Muthuswamy Dikshithar and Sri Shyama Sastri.

Organised by the Academy of Indian Music Australia and Sruthi Laya Kendra (India), the Festival was held from 27-29 May 2016 at the Kel Watson Theatre, Forrest Hill College, Melbourne.

The Melbourne Trinity Festival’s three days of Carnatic music featured over 50 musicians, including local and international artists and 20 to 25-minute long mini-concerts by many young Melburnian musicians.

In a special highlight on the second day of the celebrations, a congregation of over 30 vocalists, violinists, percussionists, and veena players, comprised of young students, senior residents and international artists performed together. The Festival also engaged young people in opportunities to develop their musical ability through performance and provide leadership to organise the events.

While attending the Festival, VMC Commissioner Mr Chidambaram Srinivasan, spoke on the importance of Carnatic music, its integral place in all Indian dance forms and the role of Indian dance teachers in raising awareness of the composers' work among the dance community. 

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Mr Robin Scott also attended the event and spoke on the beauty of Carnatic music and its contribution to the cultural fabric of Australia. 

Melbourne Trinity Festival Artistic Director Mr Ravi M Ravichandhira OAM said the Festival provided Melbournians a very unique opportunity to experience Indian culture through classical music.

‘Melburnians are known for their love of all music and this event is a great opportunity to experience one of the world’s oldest classical art forms.’, he said.