Fair Work Ombudsman introduces new reporting protocol

Migrant workers and visa holders who feel they are being exploited by their employer can seek help under a new reporting protocol introduced by the the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO).

The FWO has found that some visa holders may face cultural barriers to seeking assistance, while others may have concerns about their visa status making them reluctant to approach Government agencies.

To support and encourage these people to get the advice and support they need, the FWO and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have agreed that a person’s temporary visa will not be cancelled if they:

  • had an entitlement to work as part of their visa;
  • believe they have been exploited at their work;
  • have reported their circumstances to the FWO;
  • commit to abiding by via condition in the future; and
  • there is no other basis for visa cancellation.

The FWO and DIBP hopes to better tackle instances of deliberate and systemic non-compliance in Australian workplaces by encouraging vulnerable visa holders to come forward, and supporting them when they do..

Other initiatives from the FWO to support visa holders and migrant workers include the recently released Record My Hours app, which is available in 12 different languages; 77 pages of new translated web content, in 30 languages; and six animated language storyboards to help migrant workers and employers understand the fundamentals of the Australian workplace system.

For further information about FWO’s arrangement with DIBP, visit the Fair Work website.