How socially inclusive is your community? Survey on community cohesion

Monash University researchers want your views on the levels of social cohesion and inclusion in their local communities. 

Victorian residents are welcome to participate in the research online and surveys have been mailed to 12,000 randomly-selected households in 150 suburbs across Melbourne.

The survey is part of the Australian Community Capacity Study, which is exploring variations in social life in Melbourne and Brisbane across a range of aspects of community cohesion.

Areas of investigation include relationships between neighbours, level of contact and experiences with people from other cultural backgrounds, and opinions on cultural diversity in their community.

Participants are asked how comfortable, safe, proud and happy they feel in their local community, and to what degree they feel a sense of belonging. 

Findings from the survey will be used to make recommendations to state and federal governments on how communities can be made more cohesive and inclusive. 

Find out more about the research and take the survey online.