Anxiety support group for culturally diverse Victorians

A new monthly Multicultural Anxiety Support Group has started with the aim of helping to reduce anxiety related to cultural identity issues among Victorians from diverse backgrounds.

The Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCVic)’s new group is designed to help people from migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds better understand and cope with the complexities of living between two cultures. The new group is a safe space for participants to discuss the challenges of living up to cultural expectations and aims to reduce the stigma around asking for help and support.

Participants can attend on the first Monday of every month from 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Entry and participation is free, although a gold coin donation is welcome.

The remaining sessions for 2018 will be held on 3 September, 1 October, 5 November and 3 December.

ARCVic is a state-wide specialist mental health organisation, providing support, recovery and educational services to people and families living with anxiety disorders. Find out more about ARCVic or contact them on (03) 9830 0566 or