Lonsdale Street - Shop Front

Lonsdale Street is the heartbeat and spirit of the Greek Community of Melbourne. Outdoor cafes, coffee, cakes and conversation, restaurants, wine, music and fashion, engage all ages in stylish cosmopolitan surrounds. It is a philosophy; a way of life; all that is Greek.

Precinct Boundaries

The Greek Precinct is located on Lonsdale Street between Swanston and Russell Streets. The majority of the Greek businesses in this precinct are distributed on the south side of Lonsdale Street. The Greek Precinct is smaller and less well defined than the other precincts, but it remains an important and popular meeting place for cultural and sporting events. What remains is a collection of Greek restaurants, travel agents, the Greek Orthodox Community Centre, and some specialty stores.


Greek immigrants and their descendents form an important part of Australian society. Melbourne has the third largest Greek population of any city in the world, after Athens and Thessaloniki. Lonsdale Street has been a centre for Greek activity since the 1950s, when large numbers of Greek migrants were arriving in Melbourne. In 1985 about 75 percent of the street frontage was taken up by Greek businesses, and there were numerous offices and community organisations in the adjacent tenancies. Three major festivals were held in the precinct: the Greek Festival, National Greek Day and Greek Easter.


Events Calendar

  • 23 Nov

    Opportunities, Choice & Change - A Future Leaders Summit

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  • 23 Nov

    Consultation with Victorian Government - Draft Victorian African Communities Action Plan

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  • 24 Nov

    SalamFest 2017 - Festival of Peace

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  • 25 Nov

    Handel's Messiah

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