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The Hume Region covers north eastern Victoria and the Goulburn Valley and is bounded by the Murray River to the north and metropolitan Melbourne rural fringe to the south. It is geographically diverse including major parts of Victoria's alpine areas, some relatively remote farming communities and the major regional centres of Wodonga, Wangaratta and Shepparton. The region is the northern gateway to Victoria’s famous High Country and Alpine resorts. Industries include dairy processing, wine production, food processing, manufacture and technology. The region also provides various educational facilities that offer opportunities for vocational, technical and skills training as well as university courses. The Hume region has approximately 262,577 residents.


Hume contains twelve municipalities:

    Regional Ethnic Communities' Councils/Migrant Resource Centres:

    Diversity in the Region

    Like most country regions, Hume has a relatively low proportion of CALD residents — only 6.1 per cent of the population were born in one of the main non-English speaking countries (NESCs) and 6.3 per cent speak a LOTE at home. Italian is clearly the most widely spoken LOTE in the region with 1.5 per cent of the general population, or almost one quarter of all LOTE speakers. Arabic and German follow in distant second with around 0.5 and 0.3 per cent of the total population.

    Language spoken at home, Hume

    Language spoken at homeNumber%
    English 234,634 89.4%
    LOTE 16,641 6.3%
    Not stated 11,302 4.3%
    TOTAL 262,577 100%

    ABS 2011 Census data.

    Country of birth, Hume

    Country of birthNumber%
    Australia 221,274 84.3%
    Overseas* 27,728 10.6%
       Main English speaking countries 11,758 4.5%
       Main non-English speaking countries 15,970 6.1%
    Not stated 13,576 5.1%
    TOTAL 262,578 100%

    *Main and non Main English speaking countries including Inadequately Described, At Sea and Not Elsewhere Classified. ABS 2011 Census data.

    Proficiency in Spoken English in Hume Region, Victoria, 2011 Census

    English proficiencyHume Region
    Speaks English only 234,642
    Speaks another language and speaks English
       Very well 9,821
       Well 4,470
       Not well 2,219
       Not at all 705
       Not stated - (both language and proficiency not stated) 10,470
       Not stated - (language stated, proficiency not stated) 252
    Total Persons 262,579


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