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The Loddon Mallee Region covers north western Victoria bounded by the South Australian border to the north west; the Murray River to the north and the Macedon Ranges to the south east. The Loddon Mallee region occupies more than a quarter of Victoria and with one of the most consistently warm climates in the State - people flock to the region for the waterways of the Murray River, acclaimed restaurants and wineries, heritage towns, and grand forests. The population of the region is currently reported as 304,560.

The Loddon Mallee region covers an area of 58,961 square kilometres (more than a quarter of the area of the State).


The Loddon Mallee contains nine municipalities:

    Regional Ethnic Communities’ Councils/Migrant Resource Centre’s:

    Diversity in the Region

    The culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) population of Loddon Mallee is reasonably small– only 4.5 per cent of the population were born in non-English speaking countries (NESCs) and the same number speaks a language other than English (LOTE) at home. Italian is the only LOTE in the region with more than 1,000 speakers and is spoken by only less than 1 per cent of the population. Greek and Turkish follow a distant second, each spoken by 0.3 per cent of the population.

    Language spoken at home, Loddon Mallee

    Language spoken at homeNumber%
    English 277,263 91%
    LOTE 13,973 4.6%
    Not stated 13,333 4.4%
    TOTAL 304,569 100%

    ABS 2011 Census data.

    Country of birth, Loddon Mallee

    Country of birthNumber%
    Australia 262,199 86.1%
    Overseas* 26,725 8.8%
    Main English speaking countries 12,914 4.3%
    Main non-English speaking countries 13,811 4.5%
    Not stated 15,644 5.1%
    TOTAL 304,568 100%

    *Main and non Main English speaking countries including Inadequately Described, At Sea and Not Elsewhere Classified. ABS 2011 Census data.

    Proficiency in Spoken English by Lodden Mallee Region, Victoria, 2011 Census

    English proficiencyLoddon Mallee Region
    Speaks English only 277,268
    Speaks another language and speaks English
       Very well 8,413
       Well 3,678
       Not well 1,893
       Not at all 508
       Not stated - (both language and proficiency not stated) 12,531
       Not stated - (language stated, proficiency not stated) 269
    Total Persons 304,560


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