Vicky shares Victorian values

07 June 2017

Communities across the state will soon have the opportunity to meet ‘Vicky’ the truck, a new interactive vehicle that will share what it means to be Victorian.

Launched as part of the Victorian. And proud of it. campaign, ‘Vicky’ offers visitors an immersive digital experience using 3D Virtual Reality (VR) goggles to give them a glimpse into the lives of Victorians of different backgrounds and learn their stories.

Designed to appeal to both adults and children, Vicky is a mobile learning centre that also encourages visitors to participate by taking a picture or filming a 30-second video in the photo both to share how they contribute at work, school, home or in the community.

Vicky was first unveiled at the Bendigo Exhibition Centre on Monday 29 May 2017 at an official launch attended by organisations such as the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), Life Saving Victoria, AFL Victoria, and Believe in Bendigo.

Victorian Multicultural Commission Chairperson Ms Helen Kapalos spoke at the launch on the importance of shared values and shared dialogue about multiculturalism.

“Vicky will help share and emphasise our shared values of equality, freedom, respect, and the right for all Victorians to be themselves, and to freely express their customs and culture in our society.

“I’m sure her attendance at events throughout Victoria will prompt important conversations, and help build and support communities where everyone feels they belong,” she said.

Vicky can accommodate groups of up to eight people at a time for a 12-15 minute experience, and has been designed to be accessible to people with a range of abilities.

To book Vicky for your festival or event, enquire through the ‘Victorian. And proud of it.’ website.

Follow Vicky on Facebook and Instagram as she makes her way across the state.

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