Fresh voices for multicultural Victoria

08 November 2017

Victoria’s multicultural communities have some fresh voices across the state with new Regional Advisory Council (RAC) members now appointed by the Victorian Multicultural Commission.  

The Commission has welcomed new and continuing members to advocate for the interests of their communities and support diversity at the local level through the eight councils covering both metropolitan and rural Victoria. Three councils represent the metropolitan areas, and one Council is located in each of the Barwon South West, Gippsland, Grampians, Hume and Loddon Mallee regions.

Council members will meet three times per year to identify the key issues for culturally diverse Victorians, the potential solutions and their vision for a more socially cohesive state during their two-year term.

Under a new plan for the Councils, member recruitment focussed on including young people and people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds and members will increase their participation by having the chance to connect more directly with decision-makers and to co-host broader public consultations in their region with the Commission.Newly appointed Council members come from 53 different cultural backgrounds and include everyday community members, local business owners, service providers and local government representatives. 

The involvement of everyday community members will allow the Commission to gain critical, on-the-ground insights into issues affecting multicultural communities, such as migrant and refugee settlement services, social inclusion, employment, education, housing, citizenship, and connection to culture.

VMC Chairperson Helen Kapalos welcomed the newly appointed members and said the Councils are integral to informing government policy and supporting Victoria’s multicultural communities.

“The insights, input and perspective of our new RAC members are an important addition to the Commission's work as the primary conduit between multicultural communities and government. 

“Their contributions are crucial to our ability to advise government on how to best meet the needs of Victorians from all cultural backgrounds, in all corners of our state, on specific issues that matter to their communities. 

“Advocating for communities is not just about problem analysis, it’s about designing possibilities that enrich the social fabric of our great state” said Ms Kapalos. 

Find out more about the Commission’s Regional Advisory Councils.

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